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B.C.E                            - Before Christian era.

B.P.T                            - Before present time.

C.E                                - Christian era.

O.E.D                            - Oxford English Dictionary

S.N                                - Sinhala Nation

S.N.C                            - Sinhala Nation Concept

S.J.P                             - Sinhala Jathika Peramuna

S.N.P                            - Sinhala Nation Project

S.N.M                            - Sinhala Nationalist Movement

S.P.I                              - Sinhala Political Intelligentsia

S.R.C                            - Sinhala Royal Clan

T.E.C                             - Tamil Eelam Concept

T.E.P                             - Tamil Eelam Project

T.P.I                               - Tamil Political Intelligentsia.




The following definitions are from the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

ENEMY: - Person who hates and eagerly seeks one’s defeat; opponent; member of hostile army or nation; hostile force; thing that harms or injures;


LINEAGE: - transmission of qualities (property, privileges), by inheritance.


NATION: - “Large number of people of mainly common descent, language, history etc,” 


NATIONALITY: -  “being national”.


RACE: -  “a group of persons connected by a common descent”.


STATE: -  “Organized political community under one government".


TRAITOR: - One who false to his allegiance or act disloyally (to country,

king, cause, religion, principle, himself, etc.)   



The following interpretations are from the unless otherwise stated.

WARGAYA: - Race - (From the Dictionary)

JATHIYA: - Nation -  (From the Dictionary)  

SIYALU JATHIN: - This is an erroneous term used by the Sri Lankan government & the media to identify various communities.

SINHALA JATHIYA: - Sinhala Jathiya (Sinhala nation) was created in the year 437 B.C.E by king Pandukhabaya uniting the four indigenous tribes Asura, Rakshasa, Yaksha, Naga with the Aryans arrived about a century before.

DEMALA JATHIYA: - The term used by the government & the media in Sri Lanka as  “Demala Jathiya” (Tamil Nation) is a misusage as nothing called a “Demala Jathiya” exists in this country.

MUSLIM JATHIYA: - The term used by the government & the media in Sri Lanka as “Muslim Jathiya” is far more incorrect when it is conveying it’s meaning. Therefore, the correct term for the Muslim ethnic minority community in Sri Lanka is the “Muslim religious group” because their common binding factor is their religion - Islam and no racial or ancestry factors visible. Therefore, there is a difficulty in categorizing the Muslims community into either a Jathiya or as a race but the word religious community is the most suitable term for the Muslim people living in Sri Lanka.    




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